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in my mind, this was a clever title


I did laundry and a lot of thinking. Then I took Maya to Kcat and Adam's house. I went over to Karen's house and straightened her super-long hair with her special blow-dryer and her flatiron. That took WAY longer than I thought it would, but she was happy with it. She kept threatening to go fornicate with her hair, which made me laugh.

I have been tutoring her son in math for his GED test (as a side note, I don't understand how someone so smart could put off getting that piece of paper for so long!). His name is also Adam, just to make life confusing (I will now start referring to them as Mayzes and DiPierro in the journal just to keep them straight, although I will probably slip now and then). We didn't start until late, because yesterday was his first day at his new job, so we ended up working on algebra until 3 am. Now, algebra sucks to teach at the best of times, because the stuff that they teach you in the beginning appears to have no purpose until you get to the higher levels of algebra. This was not the best of times - it was late and we were both tired.

Self-reflection and decision-making seems to be going well. I've got some things hammered out mentally; others are going to take a while.