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I was at Wrestlemania this weekend, with the two Adams. It was the greatest night of my life so far.

Is that sad?

We've already made plans to go next year since it is in Miami.

back again...

Hey guys, long time no see. :)

Sep. 10th, 2010

No internet, phone's been broken forever (finally got it replaced Saturday), purse stolen in Charlotte (I have to replace everything).

Life is just fab. Fab I tell you.

Boyfriend still awesome.

Just to let you know I am still alive...

My boyfriend is sitting on my bed doing something with his sketchbook. I plan on updating tomorrow while he is at work (I have the day off, and even though I know he can't read this from across the room, I am still uncomfortable posting while he's here - which is like, ALL the time).

I am still here. Long, long, long update tomorrow, I promise.

:) :) :)

I have a date on Tuesday!

Internet access still sporadic. Gods, I need a laptop.

I didn't know then it would hurt like this


And if I sleep just to dream of you

I'll wake without you thereCollapse )

Get over it already, self.


after everything has changed

It's time to move forward


ask and ye shall receive

From now on, all entries will be locked to LJ friends only. This is the one place where I can be completely honest. This is the place where all my messy stuff comes out and gets sorted through. It's sporadic, it's random...it's my thoughts and feelings, my musings on issues, my sorting through all the facets of my mind, trying to discover what's healthy and what's not. I will write unhealthy things here, simply so I can go back and say, "that's my monkey brain" and "that's how I hurt myself" and "see where I caused my own suffering here?"

But there are things that I write pertaining to my issues that other people might find difficult to handle. There are things that I write that could cause others suffering. Some people find my relentless honesty hard to swallow. This honesty is necessary for me. The only way I will truly understand the nature of my mind is to investigate it. Only through investigating the mind will I be able to calm the mind. Only by calming the mind will I become the person that I want to be.

So I choose to practice "compassionate omission" for the benefit of those who have asked for it. But I am not going back and locking all of my entries. If you are reading my journal for the first time, and decide you want to read beyond this post, send me a message. If you have been reading my journal without having a LiveJournal (Jamie, possibly George) - get one and I'll add you.

*edit* - I am not going to bother friend's locking lyrics that I post.